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Our physical environment not only produces, but also contains memory through its materiality.
Is there a value in “capturing” the multilayered memories embedded in overlooked spaces, as they too are part of our collective memory? Our walk together / apart is inspired by the concept of Memory Palaces, a method that helps us to store and retain information along an imaginary route through a place we know well - such as our childhood home. Regardless of whether or not you are currently in your childhood home, you’ve undoubtedly become very familiar with your immediate surroundings - whether you like it or not. This pandemic is seeing us all confined, walking the same routes, seeing the same surfaces, filling the same spaces, day after day.
This repetition could be seen as a state of comfort, given that it is a retraced path, a known walk; nothing new, nothing exciting. But given that we are used to instant and varying stimuli, fast answers, multitasking; repeating the same walk, day after day, is in fact, contrary to intuition, a state of discomfort - because we are uncomfortable with being bored. We are uncomfortable with seeing the same thing over and over again - FOMO, being left behind, unexciting - we are afraid of missing out on something better, something shareable, instagrammable.

Apathy is a lack of reflection. It is simply an acknowledgement of a situation.
In many ways, it is a strength; an ability of the human being to adapt, to shift our baseline to the current circumstances. It’s adjusting to the new-normal. We will walk you through a series of figures in your environment that you are encouraged to observe and record in your memory. You are now building your own Memory Palace - in real life. Memory slots that are commonly placed along one’s private route through a memory palace are usually constructed to be surprising, out of the ordinary - something associative and unmistakable. Now this requires less imagination and more observation; the world we’re living no longer fits our idea of normal.

When you return to your walk in the future, you will be able to retrieve memories from this time. They will come back vividly and in detail. With its irrepressible retrieval cues, place is truly a universal petite Madeleine, calling up long-forgotten images of the past. This event is not required to be extraordinary, and the concept need not be controversial.

Get ready to begin your walk. Take your phone and some drawing material with you. ︎︎︎ Play the first  audio file when you’re ready to go.  

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walking time: 1h