There is a brick tower that you can see from the Spoiler, emitting a pale green light in the darkness.
Its mysterious call seems to reach out to the surrounding cityscape of dead spaces.

Drawn by its siren call, one night we take a walk to uncover its mystery. Starting from the Spoiler, we cross the bridge and follow a long sidestreet. After some hundred meters we enter a quiet harbour where the tower stands.
It has the aura of a temple.

Both sides of the entrance door are guarded by heavy stone sculptures. Inside, the Berlin street lights project inwards. Every sound we make is reflected back to us.


The installation includes a sound piece, for which we would record the soundscape of the Spoiler, replaying it and re-recording it inside the highest chamber of the reverberating tower. Through this loop the tower embodies the soundscape of the Spoiler, feeding it back to us through its own spatial filter to produce the second recording.

To be played during the exhibition, this second recording will reflect the soundscape of the space it is filling, but in an alternative version of the Spoiler merged with the tower into a new collective identity.

The three parts of the installation inside the Spoiler, the sound piece, the mirror wall and the facade projection create the atmosphere of a “sacred space“ while communicating with the tower in an abtract way.

Nevertheless we want the viewer to observe the tower through a looking glass aimed towards it.


A micro-echo takes place between the first and final walls of the Spoiler, where green marks the existence of two new worlds behind taking place behind glass. The green mirror reflects the Spoiler’s interiors beyon its walls. The green window extends back into the urban landscape.
Not one, but two projections reaching towards one another; a second temple with the lights turned on.

A reflection brings the tower’s green world into the Spoiler where it create a parallel space; one where the Spoiler’s interiors extend into another realit resembling ours, but tainted with a filter - perceived with a new lens.

Linus Lütcke, co-founder of the Spoiler:

It was just a place I often walked past. If the Spoiler hadn’t happened I probably wouldn’t even remember how it looked. But then we got the keys and turned on the lights... and it transformed from a ruin into a temple.