GPS tells you exactly where you are but it doesnt orient you at all. We come out of a tube station we pull out our phones and we get lost at that point.

-Will Self -

The constant use of smartphones in urban areas not only leads to an increased risk for accidents, it also severely limits the livingquality and experience of our surroundings. Walking heads down through the city we can perceive only littleof the life that happens on the streets around us.

Guided along the same „fastest route“ by the satNav apps on our Smatphones again and again, we unlearn to orient ourselves individually and lose the courage to freely explore new ways.

This misuse of contemporary navigation technology and the resulting inability to travel even regular distances by foot is a stifling factor that contributes to a lack of personal empowerment.

Today more than half of the world‘s population is living in urban environments.  As our cites grow into giant superstructures that demand the highest flexibility, we are finding ourselves ever more reliant on systems such as navigation technology and public transport systems.

For this project we questioned the seemingly non-negotiable habit of GPS navigation over our mobile devices.

- A Tool for urban exploration -

The Home Recorder is an exploration tool for the urban space. Like a Talsiman you can carry it with you along the journey. Tugged into a pocket its cool and smooth surface and rounded shape comforts the palm and offers a subtle sense of security and reassurement that you can always find your way back to the starting point. Borrowed from the world of play and the ideas of the situationist movement, the Home Recorder uses the metaphor of „hit the pot“ to create a ludic sensual wayfinding experience.

A city is built to resemble a conscious mind,
a network that can calculate,
administrate, manufacture.

- Rebecca Solnit -