WalkyTalky ︎︎ is a multidisciplinary research collective run by Leoni and Ariana. Our work evolves around the topic of self-empowerment , situationist-inspired mapping and walking as an act of intervention. ︎︎


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Good news in apathetic quarantine -
We will be tutoring a workshop at this year’s EASA!
︎  EASA Estonia 2020

︎ Ambivalent Home Workshop Instagram!

︎ 3-4-2020 EASA is one of the biggest self-organised architecture ‘festivals’ in the world. As a network of hundreds of people who assemble every year to share all aspects of communal life, the current state of pandemic is a big challenge. As we prepare for our workshop “Ambivalent Home”, planned to happen in Valga Estonia this year, we are faced with this extreme state of apathy we are in right now. 

︎ 6-4-2020 My home is my castle. The Memory Palace technique uses familiar spaces to engrave a series of thoughts in our long term memory.  We let our minds guide us through a place we know well. Unfamiliar objects placed in surprising locations along the walk operate as keys to unlock memory previously stored within them. Can we generate an Audio walk from a Memory palace? Bringing the virtual into reality to recapture its virtuality through sound? Can we reanimate the key figures through the medium of a dream-journey?